Shared Projects

Shared Projects

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We participate in our District’s shared Rotary Day. Rotary Day is an event where we tell people both about Rotary’s and our club’s activities, e.g. our exchange student work and projects. We use this event to sell products with which we finance our service and charity work.

Follow our activities. We’ll let you know about the events of next year and about participating in these shared events on these web pages and in our social media channels.

For example:

Rotary Day – a sub page, if necessary
Another shared district project (e.g. The Baltic Sea / Herring Rowing)
(Introductory text and a link to the project page.)

Read more about events also on our district pages (A link to district web pages)

Meeting information

Kuopion Klubi
Kuninkaankatu 10
70100 Kuopio

Wednesdays from 11.30-13.00

Upcoming Events

Ei tapahtumia.
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